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OC Register Publishes Piece by Professor Darmer

October 13, 2011 by | Faculty

The Orange County Register published an opinion piece by Professor Katherine Darmer entitled, “Unfair Tactics Used Against FAIR Act.” In the article, Professor Darmer discussed what the FAIR Act (which stands for “Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful”) promotes, and expressed concerns about widespread misinformation about the bill. Read Professor Darmer’s Op-ed in the O.C. Register.

LA Times Interviewed Professor Darmer

July 5, 2011 by | Faculty

The Los Angeles Times interviewed Professor Katherine Darmer about the federal criminal trial of Roger Clemens and the testimony of his former close friend and teammate with the Yankees, Andy Pettitte. “I’ve always thought this case was strong for the government and that Pettitte is an unusually strong witness,” Professor Darmer told the Times. “He

Chapman Professors to Present at Law & Society Association Event

March 2, 2011 by | Faculty

The Law & Society Association Annual Meeting will include presentations by Professor Deepa Badrinarayana, Professor Katherine Darmer, Professor Bobby Dexter, Professor Larry Rosenthal, Professor John Tehranian, and Professor Ernesto Hernández- López. This exciting international conference, which hosts inter-disciplinary and legal scholars interested in the place of law in social, political, economic and cultural life, will

Professor Darmer Quoted on Perjury Cases

August 20, 2010 by | Faculty

The Boston Globe quoted Professor Katherine Darmer in a piece entitled, “Clemens Indicted For Drug Denials,” about the strength of the perjury charges against ex Red Sox star, Roger Clemens. Professor Darmer, a former federal prosecutor in New York who specialized in public corruption cases, commented that perjury cases can be difficult even when the

OC Register Highlighted Professor Darmer

August 14, 2010 by | Faculty

Professor Katherine Darmer was highlighted in an article in the Orange County Register covering Irvine’s OC Pride event this August. “My advice today is: Get married,” Professor Darmer told a cheering crowd.  Professor Darmer said that she thinks there’s little chance of new same-sex marriages getting nullified in the future.  “Take the courage you have

Professor Eastman Quoted on Same Sex Marriage

August 12, 2010 by | Faculty

The Seattle Times quoted Former Dean and Donald P. Kennedy Chair John Eastman in an article entitled, “California judge keeps gay weddings on hold – for now.”  Former Dean Eastman discussed the possibility of establishing standing for opponents to same-sex marriage. Regarding whether a higher court would agree with Judge Walker’s assessment of standing, Former

OC Register Published Professor Darmer’s Op-Ed

August 11, 2010 by | Faculty

The Orange County Register published Professor Katherine Darmer’s op-ed piece entitled, “M. Katherine Darmer: GOP candidates and Prop. 8,” examining the stances of Republican candidates Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina. Professor Darmer’s piece is critical of a law that might be based solely on the sentiments of the majority, and concerned about the candidates who

OC Register Features Professor Eastman and Professor Darmer

August 5, 2010 by | Faculty

In an article entitled “Prop. 8 ruling bodes well for gays in Supreme Court test,” the Orange County Register featured Former Dean John Eastman as well as Professor Katherine Darmer. The piece discussed the implications of U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker’s opinion noting a lack of factual evidence in defense of Proposition 8. “Walker

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