At the Leatherby Libraries, we have an interview series highlighting the work our amazing librarians accomplish each day. These interviews help inform the community about all the different areas of the library and all the services we have! Erin Rivero, our new Reference Librarian, was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

1. What is your name and title?

I’m Erin Rivero and I’m a part-time Reference Librarian.

2. In what department of the Leatherby Libraries do you work?

I work in the Instructional Services division—I’m at the Reference Desk (here!) Sunday afternoons and most weekday evenings.

3. How long have you been at Chapman University?

I started this role in February 2018.

4. What is your job in a nutshell?

At the Reference Desk, I help the Chapman community learn how to find and use all kinds of resources.

5. Have you held any jobs at other universities or libraries?

Yes–I’ve worked in various library roles over the past fifteen years. Once upon a time I held a super cool graduate student position right here at the Leatherby Libraries! It’s great to be back.

When I’m not here at Chapman, I’m at USC Libraries as part of their Integrated Library Systems team.

In the past few years I managed an early childhood education library for the LA County Office of Education, and last year I had the opportunity to launch a digital library for the LA Philharmonic. I’ve also worked in municipal archives and Orange County Public Libraries over the years, including adult literacy instruction at a prison library in Irvine.

6. What are your passions/interests outside of work?

I love traveling and spending time outdoors–mountains, parks, the beach, the road. Lately I’m learning how to drive my limited edition Ural sidecar motorcycle!

Indoor pastime favorites: video games, cards, listening to vinyl, and playing guitar.

7. Where did you get your degree?

My library degree is from USC (‘17), and I am a proud Chapman alumna (‘07, ‘10, and ‘12 in music education, teaching, and international studies).

Related fact: Chapman is where I met my college sweetheart, Augusto (‘06, ‘12), over in Argyros Forum almost fifteen years ago. I had my nose in a poetry anthology for a freshman English class, and he introduced himself. We’ve been together since.

8. Where is your hometown?

Irvine, CA, which is where I first tried avocados.

9. What is the last book you read, or the last book you loved?

The last children’s book I loved is a tie between this one, about a Paris zoo orangutan who packs her bags for Borneo, and this one, about an aging duck learning to embrace death (literally, a calavera named “Death” in a checkered dress).

In the grown-up books genre, I just finished listening to Margaret Atwood’s special edition of The Handmaid’s Tale on Audible–chilling, as it’s entirely inspired by not-fake-news history. I’m also in the middle of Uncommon Type: Short Stories by Tom Hanks, with whom I share an admiration for typewriters.

10. Any fun facts about yourself?

As an amusing thing to do on my birthday a few years back, I auditioned to be a Scare Actor for NBCUniversal’s Halloween Horror Nights. Everything got real when I was cast as a zombie in The Walking Dead seasonal maze–one of the most fun experiences of my life.

Other fun facts: I have flown a small plane, scaled a four thousand foot rock pile, and baked a quiche.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you at the Reference Desk!