Fall 2018 marks the opening of the Keck Center for Science and Engineering at Chapman University. This new state of the art facility is now the home to the Schmid College of Science and Technology majors on campus. With the new addition to our campus, I felt like making a science related display for this semester would be appropriate. One of my friends who was a biology major did his senior capstone studying whales. As a lover of whales and marine biology myself, I decided to comprise a display featuring Southern California’s coastal paradises, animals of the ocean, and ocean ecology. I even was able to provide my own personal Mac’s Field Guides to Marine Mammals of North America for the display. When I was younger, my mother would take me to Point Loma each year to explore the tide pools and search for gray whales. I would be able to hold sea stars, pet sea slugs, and catch a glimpse of an octopus. Some of the books displayed include information about tide pools and the gray whale migration, including Adelina’s Whales. I absolutely loved curating this display, and I hope everyone will find it as amazing as I do!

Chapman’s $130 million Keck Center for Science and Engineering was completed June 10 and officially opened for classes Aug. 27. Forty thousand feet of the new 140,000 square-foot building will house Chapman’s new engineering school, to be completed by fall 2020.

The building, which will have its official inauguration Oct. 11, has around 40 research labs and faculty offices. It also houses equipment like a -19-degrees celsius walk-in freezer, a 90-inch television screen in one of its main lobbies that students can connect to using AirPlay, wheelchair-accessible laboratory hoods and clear dry-erase board spaces on each floor, said Sara Buckley, development coordinator for the Schmid College of Science and Technology.

Source: http://www.thepantheronline.com/news/keck-center-opens-fall-2018-semester