Twice a year, the staff of the Leatherby Libraries gathers to celebrate the end of another term, and to recognize one especially excellent member of our team. At each gathering, one staff member is honored with the Library Star Award. In December 2018, the Library Star Award was presented to Edward “Cotton” Coslett, Leatherby Libraries’ Distance Education Librarian.

The purpose of the Library Star Awards is to recognize, through nominations, those individuals who have demonstrated excellent contributions or service to the Leatherby Libraries. The program gives librarians and library staff the opportunity to recognize each other and inform management of the exceptional work of individuals. All permanent part-time and full-time librarians and library staff of the Leatherby Libraries are eligible.

Nominations may be made for a single, excellent contribution (example: completion of a significant one-time project) or for an individual’s performance over the past two years. Members of the review committee (Dean of the Leatherby Libraries, Associate Dean, and Department Chairs) are not eligible to make nominations. The following are examples of criteria that may be considered when making a nomination:

  • Demonstrating extraordinary support of one’s coworkers
  • Establishing excellent working relationships within the library, campus, or community
  • Completing an outstanding special project
  • Demonstrating creativity and innovation
  • Providing outstanding service to library patrons
  • Contributing to a positive work environment
Three people standing, two men (left and center) and one woman (right). The man in the middle is holding an award he has just received.

Edward “Cotton” Coslett (center) is presented with his Library Star Award by Dean of the Leatherby Libraries Charlene Baldwin (right) and Associate Dean Kevin Ross (left)

Cotton received his award, including the addition of his name to the Library Star Award plaque on display in the Library Administration offices, along with the following remarks:

Our 2018 is coming to an end with this Merry Mingle, and as we celebrate all that the closing of the year brings, let us also celebrate our Star Awardee!

This Awardee is an extremely valuable member of our team and has served the library in a wide range of areas, providing excellent help for everyone who works here as well as students and faculty.

In this Awardee’s time with the Leatherby Libraries, this person has contributed a great deal to the research and library support needs of the Chapman community – both near and distant.

When people talk about this Awardee, they emphasize that he is “a very friendly and upbeat person,” and say how much they like that, “He takes the time to talk with many on staff to encourage them or help them in any way he can.”

This Awardee is essential to the functions of the library, whether he’s putting in time at the reference desk or serving on the many committees he serves on, including Instruction and Assessment.

Everyone appreciates the many ways in which the Awardee has become a key fiber in the fabric of our team over the past few years.

So, to wrap everything up neatly in a bow…tie, please join me in congratulating our Star Awardee, Distance Education Librarian Cotton Coslett!