Halloween festivities started early this October, with a spooky book display put together by student employee Ruby Blakesleay, and a candy dish out on the Reference Desk. Leatherby Libraries staff really came together for the day itself, though, with costumes and an entry into the campus-wide Panther Pumpkin Pageant.

Three decorated pumpkins sitting on a table

Left to right: Hedwig, Harry, and the Monster Book of Monsters

Our entry into the contest was Harry Potter-themed, with the central pumpkin carved simplistically to evoke Harry’s iconic glasses and scar, with smaller pumpkins on each side decorated as Hedwig, Harry’s owl, and the Monster Book of Monsters. After all, we are the library – how could we¬†not include a book?!? Although our pumpkins didn’t win, they made a fine showing.

In addition to decorating pumpkins, Leatherby Libraries librarians and staff came out to celebrate the day and vote in the pageant, some in costume themselves! We even got some canine representation, with Sunshine (and her person Laurie Gates Cussalli) showing up in full punk gear, inspired by the “Kids of the Black Hole: The First Two Decades of Punk in Orange County” exhibit currently on display in the Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections & Archives.