The Leatherby Libraries is pleased to now offer access to the Wall Street Journal website for students, faculty, and staff at Chapman University. This new subscription offers access to the past four years of Wall Street Journal web content and allows users to access the site from anywhere after registration.

To gain access, Chapman users must register for an account following the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Log in with Chapman credentials.
  • Select “Create Account” and choose your account type (student, staff, or professor).
  • Register using a Chapman email address.

After registration, users can access the WSJ website from any network or location!

Students will maintain access until their graduation. Faculty and staff will be required to refresh access once a year and will receive an email notification prompting them to do so.

What is included?

In addition to the Wall Street Journal website, users can access mobile apps to read on their phones, tablets, or other devices. Learn how to download the mobile apps here.

Also included are the following:

  • WSJ+: The Journal’s complimentary benefits program gives members access to exclusive offers, experiences, and events, including talks with top news-makers and WSJ journalists.
  • WSJ Videos: Tech, markets, arts, and lifestyle coverage come to life along with daily news updates, opinions, and analysis from top journal editors.
  • WSJ Podcasts: WSJ’s diverse selection provides essential news, analysis, and engaging discussions with editors and notable influencers.
  • WSJ Curated Newsletters: Members can choose from a variety of daily and weekly email newsletters—featuring highlights, summaries, and updates on top interests and sectors.

Additional benefits for students:

The Student Referral Program allows students to receive a free WSJ T-shirt if they get five fellow Chapman students to redeem their school-sponsored memberships.

In addition, graduating seniors will be offered a discounted membership for young professionals priced at $2 per month for the first year, which is a 95% discount on the standard consumer rate. Students who take advantage of the offer will continue to get a discounted rate for the next seven years. Upon graduation, students will receive an automated email informing them of this offer.

Also included for students:

  • Future View: A forum that allows students to have their voices heard on timely and important topics. A selection of thoughtful opinions will be edited and published on the Opinion page.
  • Noted: A digital magazine created specifically to serve the needs and interests of those aged 18–34.
  • WSJ Students Curated sections on job hunting, professional development, work/life balance, and personal finance.

Additional benefits for faculty:

  • WSJ Professor Hub: The WSJ offers a Professor Hub with many tools to help bring the WSJ into the classroom.
  • WSJ Context: Bridge the gap between theory and practice by seamlessly integrating WSJ content into lesson plans through shared reading lists.
  • Assessment Tool: Test students’ comprehension and awareness of current events through online quizzes on WSJ articles.
  • WSJ Seminar Series: Learn how to use WSJ’s content to connect academic theory with real-world applications through these webinars.
  • The Weekly Review: Discover relevant articles, along with thought-provoking questions and classroom applications, through these weekly, discipline-specific emails created by specialized faculty.
  • Critical Thinking Resources: Easily integrate WSJ articles into classes, and energize discussions with tangible examples of course concepts students can apply in the real world.
  • The Modern Class: A monthly newsletter that updates professors on the most effective ways to incorporate the WSJ into their curriculum.

WSJ academic coordinators also offer workshops to introduce and provide details on the Professor Tools.

Additionally, WSJ offers an Academic Referral program for faculty. Refer students or colleagues to activate their memberships and earn points toward exclusive WSJ rewards.

What if I already have a personal subscription?

If you already have a personal subscription to the Wall Street Journal, you can still take advantage of the complimentary membership through the Leatherby Libraries. Please call 1-800-JOURNAL to cancel your personal membership. After your account is closed, you can activate through Chapman’s membership by following the directions above. You may use your former WSJ username and password. Find information about the refund policy in the Customer Center.

Finally, the Leatherby Libraries has created a guide to summarize the benefits of this new Wall Street Journal subscription. Please visit for more information.

Please contact the Chair of Resources & Scholarly Communications, Kristin Laughtin-Dunker, at for any questions.