One of the Leatherby Libraries’ new displays is a sampling of prints by artist, educator, creativity enthusiast, and Chapman University lecturer Rachelle Chuang.

Rachelle Chuang at Print Display

Chuang has collected these prints over the years and used them as part of her teaching in the Chapman University Graphic Design program.

According to Rachelle Chuang. “The prints exhibited on the Leatherby Libraries Hall of Art are selected works in several categories showing specific print processes: letterpress, screen printing, foil, metallic inks, general printmaking, and other techniques, including digital and Risograph printing, blind embossing, and other methodologies. This collection comprises prints of my personal work, student prints, and purchased prints. Many have been acquired through the industry and from a network of my printmaking friends. This collection has been installed salon style, as many print shops display their work on the walls in this manner.”

Print Press Art

The exhibit will be up through May 22, 2023.

Feel free to contact Rachelle W. Chuang at with any questions.