Twice a year, Professor Daniel De Arakal’s guitar students perform at the Malloy Performance Portico in the Leatherby Libraries.

This musical tradition started back in 2015 and gives students the opportunity to practice their music performance skills for a live audience.

The Chair of Research and Instructional Services and Performing Arts Librarian, Taylor Greene, helps coordinate Music at the Malloy every year. “Each semester, I look forward to these Music at the Malloy concerts featuring Chapman University classical guitar students. When I was a guitar student many years ago, one of the things I appreciated was that any place could become a venue for a classical guitar concert. I’m grateful to Dr. De Arakal and his students for making our portico their stage for this particular afternoon. I deeply enjoyed the students’ performance of such a variety of works, and I appreciate the hard work and dedication the students put in to make the event a success.”

Music at the Malloy 2023

This year student performers include Zack Corr, Caiden Craig, Darius Miertschin, CJ Pratt, Sarina Spieker, and the President of the Faculty Senate and Professor Dr. Michael Woods. They all performed classical solo pieces.

“It is always a treat to have our Conservatory of Music guitarists perform in the Library. Leatherby Libraries is an incredible partner of the Guitar Studies program, providing access to the physical and digital resources necessary to put on concerts like this. We’re honored to be able to provide a musical thank you to such a vital part of our Chapman University community.” –  Professor Daniel De Arakal

Thank you to the students who performed and those who attended the show!

Stay tuned for our 2023-2024 Music at the Malloy performance dates.