Introducing Presentation Studio, the newest technology upgrade at the Leatherby Libraries! Our Presentation Studio is a state-of-the-art room, custom-designed to provide a private area to record high-quality presentations.

This room has been created to include acoustic wall panels, blackout shades, and dimmable lighting to give presenters control over how they want their presentation recording to sound and look. Additionally, the room is outfitted with a rising sit-stand desk that has four pre-loaded ADA-approved height settings.

In addition to room updates, this studio has been upgraded with new technology to make presentation recording smoother, including:

  • A wall camera can be remotely controlled using the touchpad and has presets to make recording straightforward.
  • A tabletop touch panel that presenters can use to adjust the zoom and positioning of the room’s camera.
  • A ceiling microphone to capture sound throughout the room.
  • A 65″ LED display
  • A computer that is programmed to connect to the room’s recording equipment.

This room is designed to practice and record presentations for academic purposes only.* Patrons can book this room for up to 2 hours using the Leatherby Libraries room booking system. Upon booking this room, patrons must respond to the confirmation email from the Circulation Desk to ensure that the room is being utilized to present. If the email is not responded to, the booking will be canceled.

If you have any questions about this exciting new resource, please contact the Circulation Desk at (714) 532-7723.
*This is not a study room and can not be used for any other purpose than practicing and recording presentations for academic purposes.