The Leatherby Libraries is pleased to announce the continuation of its read-and-publish agreement with Wiley from 2024-2026. This agreement allows Chapman-affiliated authors to publish their articles Open Access (OA) in many Wiley journals by covering the Article Processing Charges (APCs) for Chapman authors’ research articles that Wiley journals have accepted for publication. 

New Procedures

Chapman University authors who wish to utilize this read-and-publish agreement should take note of the newly introduced procedures that will go into effect this year. These new guidelines will change the submission process based on the following: 

  • The author is publishing in a fully OA journal or a hybrid journal (i.e., a journal that publishes a mix of subscription-based and open-access articles).
  • The author has grant funding available to cover the APC.

Submission Details for OA Journals v. Hybrid Journals

Authors publishing in fully OA journals must select the option “The Corresponding Author’s institution/funder has an agreement with Wiley” during the article submission part of the process and follow the link in the instructions.

Authors publishing in hybrid journals will see a question asking if they want to make their article OA at the point of article acceptance in the submission process. If they wish for their article to become OA, they must follow the “SCELC Open Access Coverage Form” link and wait 24-48 hours to hear back from Wiley before proceeding.

Submission Details for Authors with Grant Funding 

Authors with grant funding to cover OA publishing will see a page asking them to pay a discounted APC. This discount will amount to $1,000 off the publishing fee. Authors that do not have grant funding will have their costs fully covered by this read-and-publish deal.

Please see the Free Open Access Publishing Opportunities for Chapman Authors guide for full details and procedures. The Libguide has detailed PDF instructional documents that will walk you through the steps for specific scenarios, including easy-to-follow screenshots of each step.

Wiley is working to simplify and streamline this process for 2025 submissions.

Please contact the Chair of Resources & Scholarly Communications, Kristin Laughtin-Dunker, at with any questions.