Chapman University School of Pharmacy hosted three local high schools on field trips to the Rinker Health Science Campus in April 2019.

Led by Dr. Kimberly Won and Dr. Viet Nguyen, this event showcased the profession of pharmacy and introduced students to a college learning experience.  The theme for the event was “Aspirin”, and students learned about Aspirin through various hands on activities.  Dr. Rakesh Tiwari introduced the chemical structure of Aspirin and students created the molecule using model kits.  He also showed them three dimensional images of molecules using our 3D projector and special glasses.  Dr. Kimberly Won shared about the profession of pharmacy and instructed students on how to look up drug information on Aspirin using special computer software.  Dr. Viet Nguyen demonstrated the mechanism of action of Aspirin with a lab activity that included an anti-coagulation experiment.  The students were very excited about the sessions and were able to have a discussion with Dean Ron Jordan and Associate Dean LB Brown about patient safety and the role of pharmacists in keeping patients healthy.