CUSP Faculty, Students, and Guests Attending Annual Research Day

CUSP Faculty, Students, Research Fellows, and Guests Attending Annual Research Day

Groundbreaking research and fresh inspiration were the hallmarks of the 2nd Annual CUSP Research Day that took place on Friday, May 9 at the Rinker Health Science Campus. Oral and poster presentations from Pharm.D., M.S.P.S. and Ph.D. students, along with Research Fellows, were showcased and awarded cash prizes for best in their category. Esteemed guest speaker Dr. Annie Wong-Beringer from the School of Pharmacy, University of Southern California presented “Improving Staph aureus Bacteremia Outcome: A precision medicine approach.”  Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Utah, Dr. Baldomero Olivera, shared insights on “Conopeptides: From the Biodiversity of Fish-hunting Cone Snails to Drug Development.”

Dr. Keykavous Parang, Associate Dean of Research, Graduate Studies and Global Affairs at Chapman University School of Pharmacy, remarked, “Pharm.D., graduate students and postdoctoral fellows presented the results of their hard work in diverse biomedical research areas. CUSP Research Day provided an excellent training opportunity for the students to showcase their exceptional work and receive essential feedback from their peers.”

Distinguished Awardees:

Best Pharm.D. Poster Presentation: Hellen Ly, David Estaphnous, Azeen Hassanzadeh, Class of 2020 (Advisors: Dr. Aftab Ahmed, and Dr. Jerika Lam)

Best MSPS Poster Presentation: Ahmed R. Aoun, Class of 2019 (Advisor Dr. Sherif Elshahawi)

Best Ph.D. Poster Presentations (tie): Azam Saghaeidehkordi, PhD candidate (Advisor: Kamaljit Kaur)  and Saghar Mozaffari, Class of 2019 (Advisor: Key Parang)

Best Fellow Poster Presentation: Dr. Rajasekharredy Pala (Advisor Dr. Surya Nauli)

Best Pharm.D. Oral Presentation: Samantha Isidro, PharmD, Eric Dobberpuhl, Dustin Le, Analise Klassen, Jay Raho, David Tran, Class of 2020, (Advisors: Dr. Siu Fun Wong, Dr. Sun Yang)

Best MSPS Oral Presentations (tie): Salena M. Preciadom, Class of 2019 (Advisor: Dr. Souhiela Fawaz) and Bella Sharifi, Class of 2019 (Advisor: Dr. Sun Yang)

Best Ph.D. Oral Presentation: Rinzhin T. Sherpa, Class of 2019 (Advisor: Surya Nauli)

Best Fellow Oral Presentation: Michael Phan, PharmD, Class of 2018 (Advisors: Dr. Dan Tomaszewski, Dr. Sun Yang)