Photos of Cassandra Dill, Eric Dobberpuhl, and Dustin Le

Join us to welcome the new additions to CUSP Alumni Advisory Board, Cassandra Dill (MS, ’20), Eric Dobberpuhl (PharmD, ’20), and Dustin Le (PharmD, ’20). Dill, Dobberpuhl, and Le will be serving on the board for the next three years to support CUSP and its alumni community. Below is the current roaster of the Alumni Advisory Board as of June, 2020:

Lauren Dea (PharmD, ’18), Alexander Delgado (PharmD, ’19), Cassandra Dill (MS, ’20), Hung Do (MS, ’16), Eric Dobberpuhl (PharmD, ’20), Samantha Isidro (PharmD, ’20), Dustin Le (PharmD, ’20), Saghar Mozaffari (MS, ’17), Romina Nabiee (MS, ’17), Mary Ngo (PharmD, ’19), Paul Park (MS, ’17), Michael Phan (PharmD, ’18), and Michael Sayer (PharmD, ’18)

For more information on Alumni Advisory Board and alumni relations, please contact Yeji Mowrer, Development Coordinator at

From left to right: Cassandra Dill (MS, ’20), Eric Dobberpuhl (PharmD, ’20), and Dustin Le (PharmD, ’20)