Dr. Mary Ngo

Congratulations Dr. Mary Ngo (Pharm.D. ’19) for receiving the 2020 Chapman University Distinguished Alumni Award!

Each year, Chapman honors alumni who have proven themselves to be exceptional in their accomplishments. As leaders in business, organizations and communities, the honorees represent the finest values and achievements of Chapman University alumni, and serve as role models for students and others in our community.

Below is Dr. Ngo’s biography:

Dr. Mary Ngo was a member of the inaugural Freshman Early Assurance Program for Chapman’s School of Pharmacy that began in 2014, and attended Chapman for both undergraduate and pharmacy graduate programs. She completed her Doctor of Pharmacy in 2019. Currently, she works as a pharmacist serving patients in south Orange County, including some in mental rehabilitation facilities that treat patients for substance abuse and psychiatric disorders. Since graduating, Dr. Ngo serves on the CUSP Alumni Advisory Board and has recently become an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmacy. She also remains involved in several community based non-profit health-care organizations in Orange County. Dr. Ngo enjoys supporting and promoting student-new practitioner mentorship and facilitates community-based health fairs. Her goal is to become a certified psychiatric pharmacist as she has a passion to break mental health stigmas in Asian-American culture. She has created the “Carecast” podcast, providing opportunities for advocates and professionals to share words of empowerment and advice to promote self-care, and promotes mental well-being for healthcare professionals.