On March 9, CUSP welcomed CVS and CUSP joined forces to welcome a panel of five CVS pharmacists for current students pursuing their Doctor of Pharmacy degree. The Lunch & Learn, hosted by Chapman Pharmacy’s Office of Professional and Student Success, offered valuable insight into the variety of career opportunities at CVS.

The guest panelists each worked in different areas of practice and expanded student perceptions on the wide array of career paths available at CVS. With a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry, the panelists shared their unique paths to CVS and discussed the various roles and specialties available within the company, including specialty pharmacy, clinical trials division, and health insurance. The discussion also touched on current trends in the pharmacy industry, including the increasing use of special technologies and the growing presence of CVS Health in primary care. The panelists discussed how CVS is at the forefront of shaping the future of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

“It’s important for our students to meet these professionals outside of their typical rotations,” says Katie Fugnetti, CUSP’s in-house Career Specialist. “We are so grateful to CVS for taking the time to travel to the Rinker Sciences campus and put together an informative program for our students. I think our students walked away with new information that will become invaluable as they begin to search for internships and post-graduate career opportunities.”

CVS has been one of Chapman’s top employers for the past several years, making Lunch & Learn an opportunity to strengthen the Chapman relationship with one of our closest industry partners. It also reinforced that CVS could be a lifelong career path- CVS offers plenty of opportunities for students and graduates including internships, graduate internships, and stable careers in a host of different areas. After the panel, students were able to network and put their best foot forward in an intimate setting with one-on-one conversations, which allowed students to make personal connections and display their skills for CVS’s opportunities. In conversation, CVS representatives emphasized the importance of refining skills related to communication, leadership, and critical thinking, as well as the value of building relationships with patients and colleagues.

Chapman would especially like to thank Janet Govea, the CVS University Relations Manager, who worked with CUSP to make this fantastic opportunity happen.

The photo includes Janet Govea, Assistant Dean of Experiential Education Dr. Kathleen Hill-Besinque, Associate Dean of Student Success and Professional Affairs Dr. Reza Taheri, Katie Fugnetti, and the panelists Linda Danh, Kezia Bechtoldt, Alexander Nguyen, Tiffanie Vo, and Kayleigh Granados.