ORANGE, Calif. (January 3, 2012) – Chapman University’s School of Law will host a legal symposium called The 40th Anniversary of Watergate: A Commemoration of the Rule of Law. Former White House Counsel John Dean will keynote the symposium. Dean was counsel to President Nixon during the Watergate investigation and became controversial when he ultimately testified against the President. The symposium will take place Friday, January 27, at Chapman University. It will also be available through a live webcast. More information can be found at Additionally, C-SPAN will cover the entire Watergate symposium on its American History TV channel (CSPAN-3).

It’s been four decades since John Dean, Counsel to the White House, learned that police arrested five men for breaking into and entering the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate complex. Dean was 34 years old. Events that unfolded in the week following the break-in would lead directly to the resignation of Richard M. Nixon, the nation’s 37th President.

“In the aftermath of the Watergate scandal, legislation was born, rules of legal ethics were shaped and presidential powers and immunities were altered forever,” said Tom Campbell, dean of Chapman’s School of Law. “For the legal community, Watergate is a pivotal marker in the development of modern law.”

The symposium kicks off Thursday evening, January 26, with a welcome dinner that will feature Jill Wine-Banks, former Assistant Watergate Prosecutor.  Ms. Wine-Banks was one of the only women involved in the Watergate scandal and as such, will be speaking about her experience in this role as well as what the historical event has meant for women 40 years later.

Friday, January 27, will begin with an introduction from Chapman’s School of Law Dean Tom Campbell, followed by a panel focused on President Nixon’s secret tapes.  Alexander Butterfield, former White House aide under President Nixon, was responsible for the initial revelation of the tapes and Scott Armstrong, former Washington Post Reporter and Investigator on the Senate Watergate Committee, will speak of the historical, political and legal consequences of the revelation of the tapes.  


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