ORANGE, Calif. – Chapman University is hosting an international mathematics conference the first week of August. Top mathematicians from some of the world’s best universities in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa will be on hand to present and to exchange ideas. The main themes of the symposium are Boolean algebras, lattices, algebraic and quantum logic, universal algebra, set theory and set-theoretic and point-free topology – hence, the acronym BLAST.

“We are thrilled to host some of the greatest minds in mathematics at Chapman,” said Peter Jipsen, Ph.D. professor of mathematics, Schmid College of Science and Technology. “The BLAST conference will examine some of the key boundary-pushing theories in the field of math,” Dr. Jipsen continued.

The 2013 BLAST symposium is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Chapman University’s Center of Excellence in Computation, Algebra and Topology (CECAT). CECAT director Dr. Andrew Moshier and CECAT members Dr. Peter Jipsen, Dr. Fred Dashiell and Dr. Joanne Walters-Wayland are co-organizing the conference along with Dr. Natasha Dobrinen from the University of Denver.

The BLAST conference circulates each year between universities. Previous BLAST meetings took place at the University of Kansas, University of Colorado at Boulder, New Mexico State University and University of Denver. The event is closed to the public.

The symposium takes place August 5 – 9 in Chapman University’s Irvine Lecture Hall. For more information, visit

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