Upon learning of the Executive Order issued by President Trump regarding seven nations whose nationals are now temporarily barred from entrance to the United States, our first thoughts have been for the members of our family (students, staff, faculty, alumni, and friends) who might be traveling and possibly are affected by the order.

I am pleased to say that as of this moment we have received no reports of Chapman students whose return to campus was prevented by this order. However, we recognize that there are many in the Chapman family for whom this situation raises serious concerns as a result of their faith, nationality, and/or ethnicity.

As an individual, who strongly believes in the values on which our great country has been founded, I am very concerned by any policy that restricts the free circulation of people and ideas, especially when the restriction is based on  national origin, or on religious beliefs, and I hope that the order will be quickly lifted.

As President of Chapman University, I want to reassure all of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends, that we care about and welcome you, regardless of your faith and national origin. Chapman University’s mission is to develop global citizens and included in that mission are students from every heritage, ethnicity and religion. We remain committed to this mission and to the strength of our community.

Please feel free to reach out to me, or any member of my Senior Staff, if we can be of any help.

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