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The public is invited to a free screening of Alive Inside, a documentary that explores the transformative impact of music on people living with a diagnosis of dementia or other cognitive disorders. The award winning documentary follows the journey of social worker Dan Cohen, creator of the national MUSIC & MEMORY® program which helps non-verbal […]

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A Chapman University School of Pharmacy junior faculty member has been awarded a $1,059,867 grant by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for ataxia research.

Ataxia is a degenerative, hereditary disease of the nervous system. Those diagnosed often experience the same symptoms as someone who is drunk, such as slurred speech, stumbling and falling. All […]

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Chapman University has published new research showing how hagfishes survive an initial attack from predators before they release large volumes of slime to defend themselves. Because the slime is released after they are attacked, this defense strategy is only effective if they survive the initial bite. Results show that hagfish skin is not puncture resistant; […]

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Chapman University has published research measuring women’s perceptions of how media impacts their body image. Results showed that many women reported feeling worse about their bodies when shown media images of bikini or fashion models, compared to those shown images of paintings or products.

In Study 1, the percentage of adult women who said the […]

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