“Supporting Faculty Development of Knowledge and Creative Works”

Chapman University’s Office of Research is excited to announce the new Scholarly Creative Fund (once a part of the Faculty Opportunity Fund) which provides competitive, merit-based support forChalkboard drawing of a Brain with lightbulb Post Its short-term projects as described below. These projects are intended to support Chapman University faculty in the development of new and innovative scholarship and creative activity.  Specifically, this program aims to:

  • Elevate the national visibility and reputation of Chapman University faculty for their excellence in creative and scholarly endeavors.
  • Provide faculty with opportunities to catalyze new and innovative areas.

The intent of the fund is to support activities where the outcome is the development of substantive scholarly or creative work in all areas for faculty.  Awards are for a maximum of $10,000 and a period of 12 months. No carry-over of unspent funds is allowed. All full-time faculty (tenure track and non-tenure track) are eligible for this program.  Non-tenure track faculty applicants should have expectations of scholarship to be eligible.  Involvement of graduate students and/or undergraduates in scholarly or creative activity is strongly encouraged.


  • December 2021 – Release announcement
  • February 11, 2022 (5PM) – Applications due
  • April 2022 – Funding decisions
  • June 1, 2022 – Release of funds


Any full-time Chapman University faculty member can apply.  NTT faculty must have the expectation of scholarship to be eligible to apply. A faculty member is permitted to submit only one application each cycle as Principal Investigator to either the Research Seed Fund or Scholarly Creative Fund. Current and immediate past recipients (i.e. those with Faculty Opportunity Fund awards from the 2020 or 2021 cycles) are not eligible to apply this cycle. This fund does not support applications for the creation of new courses or for the development of professional conferences or meetings.

Amount and Duration of Awards:

Awards are for up to $10,000 for a period of 12 months. Awards must be spent by May 31, 2023; carry over beyond May 31, 2023, is not supported.


Go to the Internal Awards website link for application information and submission portal.

Applications are due by 5PM on February 11th, 2022.  Late applications or applications that do not follow the formatting guidelines (including biographies) will be administratively withdrawn. We encourage applicants to submit at least 2 days prior to the deadline to allow time for the Office of Research to check applications for completeness/adherence to guidelines and for the applicant to make any necessary adjustments. Applications received within 48 hours of the deadline will not be guaranteed a pre-review for completeness.