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March 2013


Taking clean to the next level!

March 18, 2013 by | Uncategorized

Chapman University’s custodial services are provided by ARAMARK. Read on to learn about the innovative cleaning products they have brought to campus that not only keep Chapman looking sharp and students, faculty and staff healthy, but also protect the environment. At ARAMARK Higher Education, we continually reach beyond today’s advances to uncover those innovations

Green Hours

March 6, 2013 by | Uncategorized

On April 3rd,  between the hours of 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm Chapman University will be hosting its very first Green Hours  Event! At this time we are asking all students, faculty, and staff to do the following: Turn off any unnecessary lights and switch to task lighting or daylighting if its available

Restaurant Services

March 4, 2013 by | Uncategorized

Waste. Chapman University Restaurant Services by Sodexo has launched an initiative to decrease pre-consumer kitchen waste and have (for the past year and a half) assisted in the education of post-consumer waste reduction. How you may ask? With the help of student interns, campus volunteers, members of Sodexo’s Student Board of Directors and

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