Wednesday October 13, 8:30am PDT (California Time)


The Institute for Quantum Studies at Chapman University presents an online discussion between Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder (Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies) and Dr. Matthew Leifer (Institute for Quantum Studies, Chapman University).   Dr. Hossenfelder’s research focusses on the foundations of physics, including quantum gravity, physics beyond the standard model, and quantum foundations.  She has recently advocated “superdeterminism”, which is the idea that nonlocality can be avoided in a Bell experiment due to per-existing correlations between the measurement settings and the hidden state.  Dr. Hossenfelder is also a prolific science writer, including the 2018 book “Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray”, articles for publications including Scientific American, The New York Times and the Guardian, and her blog  Recently, she has been explaining science on her YouTube Channel  There will be an opportunity for audience Q&A after the event.  The conversation will be broadcast live on YouTube at