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Each week Thompson Policy Institute rounds up the top 5 articles we found on the web about disability and autism. It’s a fast and digestible way to ensure you are staying up to date with the latest stats, information and research on disability.

Graduation Rates Lagging For Students With Disabilities

The counterpoint to a previous article noting the rising graduation rates for students with disabilities suggests that these students are lagging behind the rest of their peers.

‘My biggest act of rebellion as a disabled person is living as I wish’

The Guardian recounts the personal story of disability advocate Zard Todd. Todd, who uses a wheelchair, has been fighting to be treated as an equal since age 11 and has profound insight into why some people with disabilities feel they lack the resources to succeed academically, socially and otherwise.

Understanding Dyslexia

A comprehensive guide of FAQ’s around dyslexia.

Kids Get ‘Ability Awareness’ Training

Empathy is key for understanding the complexities of disability and autism. It was heartwarming to see these kids shedding some of the judgmental preconceptions they had about disability. With programs like these, future generations will be more aware and accepting of what it means to live with a disability.

Rising Graduation Rates Aren’t the Full Story for Students with Disabilities 

Thompson Policy Institute is proud to have released its first blog post this past week and its our effort to debunk the various statistics around the graduation rate for students with disabilities. Awesome infographics are included to help further illustrate the issue!