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Each week Thompson Policy Institute rounds up the top 5 articles we found on the web about disability and autism. It’s a fast and digestible way to ensure you are staying up to date with the latest stats, information and research on disability.

How do states support their public schools? Badly, a new 50-state report card shows

Spoiler alert: the highest grade received was a C. See how your state stacks up in supporting its public schools.

NCD Applauds New Proposed Rule by the Department of Education to Assist Students of Color with Disabilities

The US Department of Education proposed the “Equity in IDEA” rule to break what is known as the “school-to-prison pipeline,” an encompassing term for systems and programs that result in students leaving school for the criminal justice system.  The National Council of Disability has paved the way for such proposals with their “Breaking the School-to-Prison Pipeline Report.”

Ellen Meets the Dancing Starbucks Barista

Ellen features Sam, a barista with ASD at Starbucks known for his killer dance moves. Sam was told he wouldn’t be employed by anyone, but has found a position to flourish in with the help of his boss.

Federal Panel Rejects Universal Autism Screening

The U.S. Preventative Service Task Force, a Congress-advised panel of 16 physicians, decided to little was known about the implications of universally screening children for autism.

Soldiers with Autism Take on Key Roles in Israeli Military 

1 in 100 children in Israel are diagnosed with autism, and the Israeli Military is offering high positions to soldiers with autism for their exceptional and unique skills. With exceptional attention to detail and prolonged focus, these soldiers are specialists in analyzing battle data.