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Each week Thompson Policy Institute rounds up the top 5 articles we found on the web about disability and autism. It’s a fast and digestible way to ensure you are staying up to date with the latest stats, information and research on disability.

The forgotten history of Autism

This inspiring TED Talk is an extension from
an article
we shared last week about people with ASD being different and not lesser. This account of Autism shows how recent our understanding about the disorder is and gives context to today’s efforts around ASD.

Autism Spectrum News – Spring 2016

Autism Spectrum News releases its latest issue for the Spring of 2016. It is comprehensive and informative with articles ranging from reaching your full potential to being a person with autism leaving the home for the first time.

Autism Genes may be in all of us, researchers say

A new study suggests that all people carry the same genetic code that determines whether someone appears on the spectrum or not. “The study may explain why some family members of those with autism share traits with those on the spectrum even if they don’t carry a diagnosis.”

Apple made a video about a teen with autism and it’s incredibly moving

California teen and student with autism Dillan Barmache has had to deal with not having ability to verbally communicate for his life. Recent technological advancements have allowed Dillan to now speak using his iPad and the results are heartwarming.

Google awards millions for disability initiative

Google is donating more than $20 million through what they call the “Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities” program to important groups in the disability community in 13 countries around the globe. It’s empowering to see a large corporation take a stand and dedicate meaningful resources for disability and autism.