Sean McElwee is 23 years old and happens to have Down syndrome. Sean is an entrepreneur and works multiple jobs, all of which he enjoys. Sean encourages others to never give up on their dreams. Living in his own apartment with supported living staff facilitating his independence, Sean loves making his own decisions and eating bean and cheese burritos everyday. Sean is a self-professed ladies man, a gifted athlete, and has dance moves that own the floor. Sean is a cast member of the Emmy winning A&E television show, “Born This Way.” Thank you Sean for sharing your thoughts on transition to work with us.

When you were younger, did you imagine what you wanted to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be on TV for my whole life.

Do you work now, and if so, what do you do?

I have my dream and am on TV on “Born this Way” on A&E. I love it so much and we got an Emmy and might get another one in September. I have my own business too; I have a website with my t-shits, hats, bags, mugs, posters, pillows on it and am always thinking of new shirt sayings. I have 30 designs and they are so fun.

And I work at a trampoline park, “Get Air Surf City,” and I do speaking to groups all over the place and tell people to never give up on their dreams.

Can you tell us the steps you took to make this happen?

I just don’t know. When I wanted to be on TV, I went to Saddleback College and took acting classes, acting before the camera, and I worked really hard speaking better so I could talk better so people could understand me better. I just kept working and never gave up.

Please share anything else you would like us to know.

I love ladies and I want them all to watch me on “Born this Way.”