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Recent graduate and SURF alumna gets published! Lindsay Zumwalt ‘20 publishes research on a bacterial pathogen known to cause stomach ulcers and stomach cancer

October 15, 2020 by | Profiles

When interviewed in November 2019, recent graduate Lindsay Zumwalt stated that one of her aspirations was to publish a manuscript. Fast forward one year later, and Zumwalt has successfully checked “published research” off her list.  Zumwalt started her research journey through faculty-student independent research credit courses (291/491) and was later awarded the Summer Undergraduate Research

SURF Spotlight: Corinne Tam SURF Fellow explores masculinity in young Asian-American men

September 14, 2020 by | Uncategorized

Recent graduate Corinne Tam was curious to learn more about masculinity within the Asian-American community, after understanding female empowerment and patriarchy. Tam took a particular interest in studying the experiences of Asian-Americans, which stemmed from her studies in sociology and women’s studies.  Through the sociology club, she received a travel grant to go to Philadelphia,

Spotlight: Alexis Sutterman Shinnyo Fellow discusses her work supporting CA environmental justice

February 27, 2020 by | Profiles

Chapman graduate Alexis Sutterman established herself as a prominent force on campus during her undergraduate years. Having served as the president of Chapman Democrats, an executive board member for the Olive Tree Initiative, and the recipient of the 2019 Political Science Citizen-Scholar Award, it comes as no surprise that she was awarded the Shinnyo Fellowship. 

SURF Spotlight: Prabhnoor Kaur Transcending the traditional research paper, one SURF Fellow hosts powerful art exhibit

November 21, 2019 by | Profiles

For senior art history major Prabhnoor Kaur, research is much more than long academic papers. It’s a way to communicate, express, and paint people’s stories. Kaur spent last summer participating in SURF – the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship – which is overseen by the Center for Undergraduate Excellence. During her fellowship, Kaur explored the history of

Measuring Brains: SURF Fellow on post-graduate research Hopkins spends the summer at Chapman's Brain Institute

September 25, 2019 by | Profiles

 For recent Chapman graduate Amber Hopkins, research has expanded her mind–and helped her measure it. With degrees in both psychology and philosophy, Hopkins centered her undergraduate research around brain function and human observation. Working with Chapman’s Brain Institute, professor Uri Maoz and graduate students Jake Gavenas and Andy Liang, Hopkins has used her SURF-supported summer

Spotlight: Alex Ballard, Co-lead Student Scholar Ambassador Ballard shares what it's like to encourage research and creativity among his peers

September 16, 2019 by | Profiles

Senior Alex Ballard may just be the busiest student on campus. A political science, economics and history triple major, you may think he has just about everything on his plate. But in addition to his academic ambitions, Ballard also serves as the co-lead Student Scholar Ambassador for the Center for Undergraduate Excellence. According to Ballard,

Chapman Graduate Aidan Jones (’19) Reflects Upon his Journey in Presenting Undergraduate Research From stereotypes to soyboys, Jones has taken his research across the country - and the globe!

August 29, 2019 by | Profiles

This summer, 2019 Chapman graduate Aidan Jones presented his undergraduate research at the 2nd World Congress on Undergraduate Research in Oldenburg, Germany, the American Men’s Studies Association Annual Conference in Manitoba, Canada, and then at the American Sociological Association’s annual conference in New York, NY .  One of two winners of Wilkinson College’s Sociology Award

Lauren Friend (’19) Researches Hagfish Movement SURF Fellow details her research into the space-dependent movement of hagfish.

October 8, 2018 by | Uncategorized

Research comes in many different shapes and sizes. Sometimes students find themselves drawn to fields they had never known existed. Sometimes students find their new work so interesting that they decide to pursue it over the summer. The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), a program within the Center for Undergraduate Excellence, provides support for students

Axiomatization and partial algebras with Sarah Alexander (’18) and Nadiya Upegui (’18) 2017 SURF fellows share their summer research experiences and discoveries!

February 20, 2018 by | Profiles

In the academic off-season, Chapman University welcomes motivated students across all disciplines to OURCA’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program. While many students are tanning at the Southern California beaches, selected students, along with a faculty mentor, spend over 30 hours a week immersed in their proposed research project. Math majors Sarah Alexander (’18) and

Professor Anna Leahy, PhD. will be stepping down as OURCA Director We share in her excitement as Dr. Leahy moves on to pursue other passionate opportunities!

January 27, 2018 by | Profiles

With bittersweet sentiments, OURCA announces that Professor Anna Leahy, PhD. will be stepping down as OURCA Director, effective at the start of Spring 2018. Though we are saddened to be losing her as a creative and innovative force at the helm of our offices, we share in her excitement as Dr. Leahy moves on to

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