There is always a multitude of ways to see a new city. You can walk through the city, sure. Take a tourist bus, maybe? Bikes are cool…if you’re good at dodging traffic. But why not run through the city? That’s how I wanted to see the sights of Prague when I decided to sign up for the marathon held there on the Saturday of April 5th.
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I got to run across the Charles Bridge with no cars in my way. I ran through Prague Castle while checking my pulse and without waiting in line. I ran past the Astronomical Clock while jumping over a cramping runner. Let’s be honest, running through centuries old cobblestone streets, passing monument after monument all while hundreds of people cheer you on isn’t a terrible way to do some casual sight seeing.

I may be writing this from my bed now because my legs and I are currently not on speaking terms, but I would say it was totally worth it.