To travel or not to travel? That is the question. London has a rich and vibrant history of theatre, and one of its superstars is William Shakespeare. If you decide to forego the typical classroom setting and venture to London with this Shakespeare in England Travel Course, you will have the opportunity of a lifetime to experience Shakespeare and English theatre in a real and tangible way.

Students in this London-based travel course will have the chance to attend approximately 10 plays (including Shakespeare, classic and modern plays, and musicals) while exploring one of the world’s most fascinating cities. Plays and venues vary but often include productions at Shakespeare’s Globe, the National Theatre, and several West End playhouses.

dd-sfballet03_ph_05015807721ENG 355/ENG 555: Shakespeare in England Travel Course has a total cost range of $3,018.00-$3,320.00 and may incur expenses such as lodging, excursions, etc not to exceed $3,320.00. Tuition fees are NOT included in the price of this program. All Travel Courses outside the United States are approved for the Global Study portion of the 2007 GE Program.
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This program is land-only and does not include airfare. The price of the Travel Course covers lodging, play tickets, and three excursions (Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and the Harry Potter Studios).

To apply to this Summer 2016 program, print the Enrollment and Financial Obligation Form, and obtain the faculty member’s signature of approval. This completed Enrollment form and a non-refundable deposit of $500.00, paid to the Cashier’s Office or through Student’s Access ePay system, are due by 4 p.m., Monday, March 28, 2016. Please bring your signed Enrollment form and confirmation of initial deposit to Center for Global Education located at 576 N. Glassell, M-F, 9-5 p.m. Once we have received both items, you will be given access to our online portal, the Global Gateway, to complete additional documents required for this SU2016 Travel Course to London. If you have questions, please contact Professor Lehnhof,, the CGE office phone 714.997.6830 or

Ready to apply? View the ENG 355/ENG 555: Shakespeare in England brochure

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