Zoom is a popular web conferencing software that is already integrated with Canvas.  As of 3/13/2020 we have an expanded license to Zoom for Chapman instructors. Please log in with your Chapman credentials via Single Sign On to activate your account at https://chapman.zoom.us 

Students do not need to have a Zoom account to attend meetings on Zoom. The only one who needs an account is the instructor.

If you would like to try Zoom in your Canvas course please do the following:

  1. Sign in at https://chapman.zoom.us
  2. Go to your Canvas Course. Don’t forget to Publish your course so your students can see the course on their Canvas Dashboard.
  3. You must Enable Zoom.
  4. After Zoom is enabled you can create a Zoom meeting. Please see these instructions from our good friends at Stanford on how to create a Zoom meeting.
  5. Zoom will automatically create an announcement to your students and put the meeting on their Canvas calendar.  That said, for good communication send your students an announcement as well.

For instructions on how to use Zoom once you are in it, please reference the robust training available through Zoom.