The “Adobe Getting Started Series” for instructors

These self-paced courses cover a variety of creative tasks and related Adobe products. The series is focused on how instructors can use the tools to engage with students; some courses include teaching material.

  • Get Started with AdobeExplore the value of digital literacy and learn to use Adobe Creative Cloud tools to engage your students and boost their creative thinking skills.
  • Get Started with Digital Storytelling. Learn to produce engaging digital stories with intuitive Adobe Spark, and get teaching materials and ideas to help your students create graphics, web pages, and video stories as part of their assignments.
  • Get Started with Video. Find out how to create professional-looking videos on desktops and mobile devices with easy-to-use Adobe Premiere Rush, and get great ideas for integrating video projects into your curriculum.
  • Get Started with Imaging. Learn how to create and edit amazing images with Adobe Photoshop, and use your new skills to enhance visual learning in your classroom.
  • Get Started with Graphics. Learn the basics of creating graphics with Adobe Illustrator to help your students design infographics, charts, logos, and other projects that help them communicate with impact.
  • Get Started with Publishing. Discover how to use Adobe InDesign to bring digital publishing projects into your curriculum, and help students build their persuasive communication skills.

Adobe Creative Cloud products are free with your Chapman credentials. You can sign in and participate in any or all of the above series of videos for FREE by logging in with your Chapman email address and password.