If you haven’t visited the Adobe Creative Cloud apps lately, you might not realize all the new Generative AI features now available.

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence. It can create new images and text by learning from existing data. It can visualize and generate content to match what you describe. 

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is an AI art generator. Think of it as your creative co-pilot for ideation, exploration, and production. Get started at firefly.adobe.com and sign in with your Chapman credentials.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is an easy-to-use platform that makes it easy for anyone to create social media posts, videos, and flyers. Now with generative AI, you can find features such as image generation from a prompt (Text to Image) and generated text textures (Text Effects). You can now use animations, audio, videos, and brushes to quickly make eye-catching visuals. For five ideas on how you can use generative AI in Adobe Express, check out this article from Joan Lafferty, a group product manager at Adobe.

Adobe Express Mobile App with Firefly AI

Adobe Firefly generative AI makes it simple for anyone to bring their ideas to life. Text to Image, Text Effects, Generative Fill, and Text to Template allow everyone to instantly generate stunning images and designs.

The new mobile app is available on iOS or Android.

Adobe Photoshop

Update your images with text prompts and transform AI-generated images to match your vision. A powerful tool now available in Photoshop includes Generative Fill.

With Generative Fill, you can

  • Add objects to your scene
  • Replace the background of your photo
  • Expand the background of your photo

Read more about using Photoshop with generative fill.

Adobe Illustrator

Do you enjoy the power of creating art in Adobe Illustrator? You can now experiment with colors, palettes, and themes without manually recoloring using tools such as Text to Vector Graphic and Generative Recolor. You are now able to instantly preview an alternate option!

Try something new in Adobe Creative Cloud today!

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Credits: This post was co-authored by Julie Johnson and Copilot Pro, which also generated the accompanying image.