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Padlet for Schools Create With AI

May 30, 2024 by | Technology

Instructors can now create a Padlet discussion board using the new generative AI tools. Consider AI-generated content as a preliminary resource. Utilize “Create with AI” to generate an initial Padlet discussion board, then make any necessary updates, perspectives, ideas, and additions to finalize it. Additional instructors and students can comment using AI-generated images based on

Kahoot EDU AI-powered features

May 23, 2024 by | Technology

Kahoot! EDU has introduced its AI-powered Question Generator feature for educators to save time and simplify the task of creating quiz questions for educational use. It allows instructors to upload a PDF file or input a description of the content they want to include, creating engaging and academically relevant quiz games. The hope is for

Understanding Turnitin’s AI Writing Detection Feature

April 23, 2024 by | Faculty

Turnitin’s new AI writing detection feature has been the talk of the academic community, as it promises to help instructors detect potential plagiarism of AI writing tools in student papers. However, users have reported false positives, highlighting the need for caution in relying solely on the tool. Rather than using this tool to prevent academic

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