Dear Chapman faculty,

In anticipation of the University’s commitment to begin in-person instructions after spring break, we would like to share some important HyFlex resources and support information with you.

HyFlex classrooms information

There are three types of HyFlex classrooms available to you on campus:

  1. Prime – Includes a Zoom Panel for direct connection to a Zoom meeting. The microphones are mounted on the ceiling and will capture sound from anywhere in the room. The classroom cameras are either mounted on the ceiling or the back wall and give a clear view of the whiteboard and the instructor’s lectern.
  2. Flexcam – In these classrooms, Zoom uses the Desktop Computer to start the meeting. The Flexcam is a high-quality webcam with an integrated microphone mounted on a free-standing portable suspension bracket with a 15’ cable. The camera view can include the whiteboard or the instructor’s lectern.
  3. Connect – You can join Zoom meetings using the Desktop Computer. The wall-mounted camera becomes the primary video source and uses the room control panel to adjust the camera shot. The microphone is mounted on the instructor’s station or table.

HyFlex resources and training Videos

Zoom resources that we encourage you to take advantage of:

IS&T support resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I find out my classroom Hyflex type and Covid-19 capacity?

A. List of classrooms types and information

Q. What if I have an issue in a HyFlex Classroom?

A. Press the “Help Button” on the podium or call the Service Desk.

Q. Can I schedule time with someone to review my classroom’s equipment?

A. Before the start of tour class,  schedule a Microsoft Bookings appointment with our Classroom Tech Assist, or email

Q. How do I start my Zoom meeting in a HyFlex classroom?

A. If you are in a Flexcam or Connect room, use Zoom’s application on the classroom computer. If you are in a Prime room, you need to press join and enter your Zoom Meeting ID on the Zoom panel.

Q. Can I use Zoom Breakout Rooms in my HyFlex classroom?

A. If you are in a Flexcam or Connect room, use Zoom’s application on the classroom computer to manage the Breakout Rooms. If you are in a Prime room, you need to connect to the meeting on your personal laptop to manage the Breakout Rooms.

Q. Can I assign someone to help manage my Zoom meeting?

A. You can make one of your students the Co-Host of your meeting and have them manage your meeting. You can also reserve time with a Student Technology Expert and have them Co-Host your meeting. (Note: Student Technology Expert program ended Spring 2021.)

Q. I’m signed into Zoom on my personal laptop and on the podium computer. My classroom sounds like an echo chamber. What should I do?

A. Mute the laptop’s microphone and only use the classroom microphone.

Q. Can I use the classroom whiteboard?

A. Yes, you can rotate the camera to face the whiteboard.

Q. How is the microphone quality?

A. we have tested the microphones while wearing masks and face shields to ensure their quality. You can freely walk around the classroom, and your students will still hear you on Zoom.

Q. Do I have to wear a mask in the classroom?

A. If you are alone, no. However, as soon as another person walks in, you need to wear your mask and practice physical distancing.