Atomic Search is a fully integrated search tool in Canvas, making it easy to search for content in Pages, Announcements, Files, Assignments, Syllabi, Discussions (titles), Modules, and external URLs with just one click. It can even search for content in files like MS Word, Excel, PPT, and web pages. This powerful tool saves time and improves instructors’ efficiency, benefiting students by allowing them to quickly find the information they need in their courses. For items to be searchable by students, course content must be in a course they are actively enrolled in, linked to from somewhere in the course or course menus, published, and not restricted to access because of date-based assignment or module release restrictions or module item prerequisite requirements.


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Atomic Search eliminates the need for manual searches and finds course content faster. Improve efficiency, save time, and reduce stress. Try Atomic Search now and see the difference it can make!