From resident advisors to business partners,
Chris Eggleton
, B.A. economics and B.S. business administration ’02, and
Chris Retzer
, B.S. business administration ’01, have been a team for almost 15 years.  It all began in an accounting class at Chapman in the spring semester of 1999.  “I noticed the girls in class were always flocking for a seat around Eggleton, so I decided I’d better get to know him!” said Retzer.  Eventually, the friends connected socially outside of the classroom, hanging out and playing soccer together.

More than a decade later, Retzer and Eggleton have joined forces to acquire Newpark Resort Management, the property manager of Newpark Town Center and operator of the Newpark Resort & Hotel, located in Park City, Utah.
Check out the acquisition announcement to learn more.

What insight would you give to current students and alumni who are searching for employment?

Chris Eggleton: 
A key component in accelerating my career from graduate to business owner has been consistently trying to understand who I am and what I am naturally good at, and then to build on those skills. I encourage everyone to understand yourself and constantly work on your personal brand, which begins with credibility, both professional and personal. Your reputation matters. It’s also about your network.   The old adage, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,’ is only partially true.  What matters most isn’t the ‘what/who’ as much as the stories those people you know, tell about you.  Focusing on your credibility and authenticity is the best way to influence the stories that people tell about you, which is ultimately the strength of your brand.

Chris Retzer: 
I agree.  Know who you are!  And get involved.  The more experiences you seek out, the more you’ll connect with other people and the more you’ll learn about yourself.  Getting involved also pushes your personal growth, which is important whether you’re searching for employment or well established in your career.  That’s what so unique about the Chapman experience. There are opportunities to experience so many different things and to grow as an individual.

What advice do you have for current students who want to make the most out of their time at Chapman?

Chris Eggleton:
Focus on the connections you’re making.  Retzer and I got a good sense of each other as individuals by being in res life together, being in the same classes and on the soccer field, being Chapman Ambassadors together and having the same internship. It built the confidence to go into business together. There’s no amount of money that makes up for bad partners.

Chris Retzer:
Again, I say get involved!  I came to Chapman to study business and play soccer, but then I worked in housing, had on campus jobs, was a Chapman Ambassador and did volunteer work. To make the most of your experience, get involved.

From your time at Chapman, which faculty or staff member(s) made the greatest impact on you and why?

Chris Retzer:
Ginger Silverman (advertising) and Caroline Shyree (professional sales).  Both of them made time for me outside of the classroom and gave me a connection to the professional world that you rarely get inside the classroom.  Their support and guidance gave me the confidence that my skills and work ethic could transfer into the workplace.

Chris Eggleton:
I enrolled as a biology major (pre-med) and quickly switched to business.  Don Booth’s microeconomics class changed everything for me.  I ended up getting a second major in economics and Don Booth was my advisor.  He was very supportive of double majoring and provided an additional level of influence to make it happen, including studying abroad.  It was a lot of work.  Other people said it was impossible, but Don Booth was always supportive.

Many staff members were also instrumental in keeping me plugged into opportunities, like Saskia Knight, Mike Pelly and Sheryl Bourgeois, to name I few.  I’m still in touch with all of them.

How were you involved on campus during your time as a Chapman student? (clubs, organizations, etc.)

Chris Retzer:
We were both Chapman Ambassadors and resident advisors in Pralle and Davis.  We also both had internships for the director of marketing and enrollment services at Chapman and internships with the same finance firm in Orange.  We were also teammates on the men’s soccer team.

What’s your favorite Chapman memory?

Chris Retzer:
I really valued my experience in Residence Life.  The whole program was focused on personal development. I also loved the camaraderie of being on the soccer team.

Chris Eggleton:
Res life was a big deal.  And being on the soccer team.  I made lifelong friends at Chapman.  I met my wife there.  My Chapman connections have stayed strong over the years.

What was your favorite spot on campus as a student?

Chris Retzer:
The soccer field.  Eggleton and I used to go out at night and hop the fence to play one-on-one soccer, using trash cans from our dorm rooms as goals!

Chris Eggleton: 
Argyros Forum. Time spent socializing, eating and connecting with friends and fellow students either inside or on the patio was priceless. Having been back recently for a tour, it still remains as a key, central hot spot.

Have you been involved with Chapman since graduating?

Chris Eggleton:
I lived in Orange County for three years and served on the alumni board.  I’m also still in touch with many faculty and staff members.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Chapman Family?

Chris Eggleton:
Chapman really shaped my life in so many ways.  My dad was a USC guy. When I came up to tour the Chapman campus, I drove myself and went through the scholarship presentation.   Jim Doti spent some time talking to me; he made time for me. He really sold me on the vision for Chapman in 1998 and on all the things that were coming.  He gave me the confidence to say no to USC.  And he has delivered on his promises; the value of my Chapman degree continuously appreciates.

Chris Retzer:
I had an amazing experience at Chapman and since graduating, I’ve learned the importance of seeing my professional career as a long, long journey. Things take a long time to develop.  As I’ve continued on my path in life, I’ve had to be patient and understanding.  I’ve had to allow for changes and mistakes and learning. And I’ve tried to focus on enjoying the journey.

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