The Argyros School of Business and Economics is truly grateful that it has exceptional, devoted donors—who truly believe in the current and future success of this school.  Really, the importance of philanthropy simply comes down to choosing to invest in something beneficial for the future.  There are many ways a person can make a positive impact: volunteering one’s time, advocacy, and mentorship are all significant in making positive progress.  In addition to this, financial contributions are unique in that it allows for more concrete planning (knowing that resources are available), research, investing in great educators, buildings, keeping up with modern technology, and providing programs and events in order to keep our community connected.

The Argyros School distinguishes itself by providing our students with unmatched access to exceptional professors, new programs, projects, activities and opportunities for practice-based business education.  Philanthropy allows our school to continue to be impactful in this way, as it provides strategic investments in these areas.  It equips the Argyros School with the resources necessary to expand into future relevant fields of business, fields that are required in order to remain competitive in future job markets.

Our new Career Services Center, housed on the third floor of Beckman Hall, is our newest visible example of philanthropy at work as it was solely funded by donors’ contributions.  The new center houses dedicated interview rooms that can accommodate up to nine student interviews at any time, and will be equipped with technology capable of high quality video conferenced interviews.  Donations for the center went to the construction of the space, but as you can see, the heart of the giving was an investment in Argyros student success.