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Everybody wants to get their “foot in the door.” From students to experienced professionals, we all want the best chance at “landing the job.” The thing is, you never know when that moment will come. Are you ready – right now – to take advantage of it? With this in mind, Argyros School Career Services is launching a new pilot program this fall.

Welcome to Argyros School Career Insiders.

From learning what your strengths are, to knowing how to communicate them, to making the right impressions, our program is designed to take you from being a smart student to being a high potential candidate. While learning how to position yourself as a great candidate, you’ll get the chance to meet and hear from recruiters and hiring managers.

We have hundreds of employer relationships we’ve developed through the years. Complete the
Argyros School Career Insiders
program, and I promise to send your resume to personal contacts and alumni at those companies. If this sounds good to you, make sure to join our pilot
this fall.

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to get started! (Limited spots are available, so sign up soon.)

If you’re an employer interested in hiring students like these, 
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to be added to the resume book distribution list.