Student Spotlight: Parker Dalton '25Meet Parker Dalton!

Parker Dalton is a junior at Chapman University, majoring in Business Administration Marketing with a minor in Creative and Cultural Industries, and expects to graduate in 2025!

Discovering Her Path at Chapman

Parker’s journey at Chapman has been nothing short of transformative. She has already grown so much during her first two years on campus. “Being surrounded by driven, like-minded peers has influenced my motivation and desire to thrive academically and professionally,” Parker expressed. She also discovered her interests and ambitions here and “can now confidently say that my time at Chapman has helped me take the next steps in my life.”

One essential part of Parker’s growth has been the endless support and opportunities provided by Chapman’s faculty and curriculum. She highlights the array of classes, guest speakers, and passionate professors who have contributed to her development. “Through these experiences,” Parker notes, “I have become more confident in my abilities and future.”

Making a Difference on CampusStudent Spotlight: Parker Dalton '25

Parker is deeply involved in campus life at Chapman. She is a member of the Delta Gamma sorority and currently serves as the Director of New Members, a role where she mentors and guides the newest members of her sorority. This leadership position has reinforced her passion for bringing people together and fostering community.

In addition to her involvement in Delta Gamma, Parker contributes her time and expertise as a Greek Leadership Assistant (GLA) on campus, where she assists sororities and fraternities with planning social, philanthropic, and campus events, including the popular Greek life event called Skit. 

Student Spotlight: Parker Dalton '25Choosing Her Path

Parker dreamed of getting into Chapman, but she was unsure of what major to choose once she received her acceptance. While at Chapman, she was initially intimidated by the Business Major due to its challenging and versatile nature, but she quickly learned that the hard work was worth it, “Business is something that can be applied in almost every aspect, which is why I think it’s such an important degree,” Parker explains.

Because of her perseverance and dedication, Parker secured an internship with 3D Public Relations & Marketing, a female-owned marketing agency in Los Angeles. This experience allowed her to explore all aspects of the PR and marketing industry, working on anything from crafting press releases to curating social media content. Parker discovered her passion for combining creativity with logical business strategies from this. Currently, she is pursuing another internship with a marketing and public relations agency in Newport Beach.

Parker acknowledges the Argyros School’s significant role in honing her job search skills, resume-building techniques, and networking abilities. She thanks her advisors and professors for guiding her toward securing internship opportunities.

Long-Term Career GoalsStudent Spotlight: Parker Dalton '25

Parker has clear aspirations for her future, “Once I graduate, I hope to continue pursuing a career in marketing and public relations.” Utilizing everything she has learned at school and through her internships, she envisions opening her agency and becoming a business owner.

Parker Dalton’s journey at Chapman University exemplifies the transformative power of education and involvement in campus life. From discovering her passions to becoming a leader in the community, Parker’s experiences at Chapman shaped her future ambitions. She looks forward to graduating in 2025, and we can’t help but be excited about the impact she will undoubtedly make in the business world!


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