Shea Litle, a dynamic and ambitious student, is making her mark at Chapman University with a unique blend of talents and experiences. Come 2024, Shea will be a graduate of Chapman University’s MBA program within the Argyros School of Business and Economics, and a double-alum, having pursued a double major in Business Administration and Dance during her undergraduate years at Chapman, too. Shea embodies the perfect balance between the creative and analytical aspects of life. “Chapman has given me the opportunity to grow and succeed in all aspects of life,” she says. “Through my undergraduate education, I was able to double major in Dance and Business Administration. This allowed me to pursue both the more creative and the more logistical sides of my brain.”

Shea’s Chapman Journey

Reflecting on her journey so far, Shea expresses her gratitude for the opportunities Chapman has provided: “Chapman has given me the tools I need to expand my knowledge and explore what I find interesting. I would not be where I am today without the support of all my teachers and advisors.”

Beyond her academic achievements, Shea’s campus involvement is nothing short of remarkable. During her undergraduate years, she was not only a dedicated member of the Chapman Dance Alliance but also a part of the Janes Financial Residency Program, gaining real-world experience in monitoring the university’s investment portfolio. She was also a member of Delta Gamma sorority throughout undergrad, holding positions such as Director of Service and Director of Rituals.

Beyond the Classroom

Shea’s passion for dance isn’t confined to campus grounds. She worked at Break the Floor Productions, a dance competition company, where she was able to combine her love for dance and business, traveling and performing over the weekends. Currently, she is interning at Canterbury Consulting, an independent investment advisory firm, further propelling her career aspirations in finance.

With a multifaceted skill set developed at the Argyros School of Business and Economics, Shea credits the school for not only imparting hard skills but also for boosting her self-confidence and networking abilities. “After undergraduate classes, I know I can stand in front of any group and share my thoughts,” she says, eagerly looking forward to expanding her skills in grad school.

Amidst her whirlwind of achievements, Shea fondly recalls her favorite memory at Chapman – performing at the Musco Center for the Arts during Chapman Celebrates, a major fundraising event. “The theater is unlike anything else, and it filled my heart to be able to dance there,” she reminisces.

From Campus to So-Fi Stadium

Looking ahead, Shea’s long-term career goals are firmly rooted in the finance field, likely within wealth management. Her journey at Chapman, however, and her career journey thus far, isn’t solely confined to the finance world. Shea is also a proud member of the LA Rams Cheerleaders. Her journey from Chapman to the NFL stage is a testament to her dedication and hard work.

When it comes to making the squad for the LA Rams Cheerleaders, Shea says “The audition process is very intense! The first day is a 10-12 hour day consisting of two rounds and a lot of dancing!” From there, finalists are picked, in which Shea and others participated in two weeks of rehearsals and interviews. “The last day is finals where you perform two at a time and the team is picked! You can watch the whole process on “LA Rams Cheerleaders: Making the Squad” on KABC,” says Shea.

For Shea, performing as an NFL cheerleader, and at the state-of-the-art So-Fi Stadium “is the most incredible feeling in the world!” She says that the Rams organization is unique and that “one of their main focuses is community involvement and as cheerleaders, we get to play a huge role in this.” Shea has thoroughly enjoyed being able to read to young kids at local elementary schools, support youth football camps, and pay special visits to the elderly.

Through her dual roles as a Chapman student and NFL Cheerleader, Shea’s experiences merge seamlessly. “All the dance techniques I worked on in my classes are the basis of every practice and game,” she reveals. Beyond the stage (or field), her Chapman network has been invaluable in navigating the world of auditions and professional pursuits.

Shea Litle is the embodiment of a well-rounded student who fearlessly pursues her passions. With her eyes set on both the financial world and the dazzling NFL stage, Shea’s journey is an inspiration to all Chapman students aspiring to make their dreams a reality.

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