By Kyle Herron, Austin Stofer and Matt Sandoval, founders of siëo.

At the time, it had only been a few months since siëo was even a real thing in our lives. It went from being an idea, to being a side project, to being a company, and to being a passion.

Our team knew that we had stumbled upon something unique. It was something that we believed could change the way startups start up. Like any other naive young businessmen, we were convinced that our web platform was going to be just about the greatest thing ever. We knew that it could simplify the process of entrepreneurship by providing legal, financial and team management tools that would help users avoid all of the typical startup problems. The only question that remained in our minds was if the public would like our product as much we did.

The bottom line is that we were ready to validate our market and the timing was nearly perfect when the Chapman Launch Labs told us about the upcoming Demo Day. At first, we weren’t sure if our early stage company would qualify, but we were given a chance. That chance opened up a path for our business that we could have never imagined.

When Demo Day finally arrived, we were ready to go. We had our table, our banner, our flyers and our product. Even after a couple of sleepless nights, we were wide-eyed and excited to see what the Launch Labs was going to bring. Before we knew it, the incubator was packed with eager investors, reporters and more.

Everything seemed to happen in a flash. By the time the day was done, it barely felt like it had started. We spent every second interacting with as many people as we could. It was an experience that matured our team, taught us how to sell our product and showed us what we could improve on. Most importantly, we walked away with our first investment opportunity and a brand that was finally becoming known.

All in all, Demo Day had a little bit of it all. Not only was the food tasty, but the relationships we gained were invaluable. The Launch Labs lived up to its name, and launched siëo to the next level.

We can’t wait to see what it will do for other enthusiastic entrepreneurs at the next one on April 21st.