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Student Spotlight: Anthony Gabra ’25 "I've accumulated a wide range of skills. These include technical skills like financial statement modeling, company valuation, and econometric analysis, just to name a few. But I've also developed interpersonal skills such as leadership, conflict management, and communication."

March 12, 2024 by | Uncategorized

Anthony Gabra, a double major in Business Administration – Finance and Economics with a minor in Data Analytics, is set to graduate in the spring of 2025. Choosing a university can be a daunting task, but for Anthony, the choice was clear. He shares, “I chose Chapman because when I toured the campus, even though

Alumni Spotlight: Patric Lopez ’18 "I maximized the benefits offered by actively participating in career fairs, utilizing the Handshake portal to explore various job opportunities, and engaging in insightful discussions with professors, who generously equipped me with the essential tools and resources for achieving success in my professional career post-grad."

January 4, 2024 by | Alumni

Patric Lopez, a Chapman University graduate from the Class of 2018, has carved an impressive path in the real estate industry since leaving Chapman’s campus. Armed with a dual major in Business Administration with emphases in Finance and Real Estate, and in French, Lopez’s journey has been nothing short of transformative. The Chapman Experience Reflecting

Student Spotlight: Anoushka Sarma ’25

October 31, 2023 by | Student Profiles

Anoushka Sarma, a Business Administration major with a double emphasis in Finance and Data Science, is set to graduate in the spring of 2025. Anoushka has found her Chapman University experience to be highly rewarding, cherishing the numerous opportunities that the university has provided for personal and academic growth. She has formed lasting connections with

Alumni Spotlight: Jessica Afra ’19 "Remember that effective networking is not just about expanding your own network but also about providing value and support to others."

June 16, 2023 by | Alumni

Meet Jessica Afra! Jessica graduated from Chapman University in 2019 with a B.S. in Business Administration with a double emphasis in Finance and Marketing and a minor in Sociology. As a first-generation college student, Jessica felt like she was initially struggling, not having the guidance and understanding of what college was supposed to be, what

Walk Down Wall Street Leads to Career Paths

January 14, 2016 by | Argyros School News

Many Argyros School students never imagined that participating in the Argyros School’s “Walk Down Wall Street” course would help them find their career paths, but that’s exactly what has happened in many cases. Walk Down Wall Street is offered each interterm session to about 30 Argyros School undergraduates, and includes a seven-day trip to New York

Spelling student-athlete: NASDAQ

October 17, 2014 by | Student Profiles

Like 99.9 percent of Panther student-athletes, Taylor Carter ‘s playing career won’t reach beyond the Chapman University gridiron. But his football experiences have laid the foundation for a career that will be equally competitive and rewarding. Carter spent the summer before his senior year in the heart of Wall Street working a

A Walk Down Wall Street with Professor Burnham

October 3, 2014 by | Undergraduates

New York has been characterized as the financial capital of the world, which is no surprise. Wall Street continues to be the global hub for market traders and is home to some of the biggest financial firms of the world. Professor Terry Burnham, Associate Professor with the Argyros School of Business and Economics, is planning to

#WDWS12 Back to the OC

January 26, 2012 by | Graduate & MBA

As the travel portion of the 2012 Walk Down Wall Street travel course has reached its conclusion, a word from its instructor, Professor Ayca Altintig. The WDWS 2012 Class is back from New York City!  It was a very exciting week overall!  We visited many great financial companies and institutions.  Students went on the

Day 1 of WDWS 2012

January 17, 2012 by | Events

Each day our students will blog about some of their experiences in New York City.  Our first entry comes from Ryan Robinson, Matt Feldman, Harrison Maizels, and Alex Yu. This morning we got up around 10:00am and headed down to the World Trade Center Memorial to meet up with Matt’s dad, Jeff, for the

Walk Down Wall Street

November 4, 2011 by | Graduate & MBA

Hi Students, Parents and Faculty, Welcome!  This is a blog dedicated to Walk Down Wall Street, an Interterm Travel Course offered in January by Chapman University.  Students enrolled in the course will study financial markets and institutions for three weeks on the Chapman University campus, and then visit major financial companies and institutions in New

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