As the travel portion of the 2012 Walk Down Wall Street travel course has reached its conclusion, a word from its instructor, Professor Ayca Altintig.

The Ramp in BrazilThe WDWS 2012 Class is back from New York City!  It was a very exciting week overall!  We visited many great financial companies and institutions.  Students went on the actual trading floor of the NYSE and met designated market makers, met with board members and senior VPs of some of the biggest financial firms in the world.  They met some of our alumni that work on the street and got to share their experiences, and even went to watch a Merrill Lynch financial advisor play blues in downtown.  Most students gained valuable insight and invaluable contacts through this trip.

WDWS is about fun and the big city experience as it is about the financial knowledge.  Some reactions to NY are what I have come to expect after three years of travelling with Southern CA students to NYC: Streets are crowded; subways are dirty; everything is open after midnight; lights in Times Square are so bright; weather is so cold; city is so expensive.  Yet, every year each group has its own likes and dislikes.  Some highlights from this year: Chinatown with its crowded and colorful streets and bargaining for not-so-real merchandise; the chicken and rice cart next to the hotel – their spicy chicken is a running student favorite; Little Italy, NY Style sliced pizza, Madison Square garden and Penn Station

I think overall it was a very successful, educational and fun trip.  For me it was a great success: All 18 students safely back to SoCal – no hospitalizations, no hotel security knocking on doors!!! For a faculty guide that is the definition of success.

Now we are back in class, for one more week! 85 degree weather outside after the grueling 35 degrees of NY.  What? We have to study?  Yes, presentations and the final to go! Then interterm and WDWS 2012 will be officially over!

I cannot wait to read what is in the journals about the trip!

All parents, friends and followers of this class, please stay with us and keep on reading the adventures of future WDWS classes in NY.

To be continued in Winter 2013….