Anoushka Sarma, a Business Administration major with a double emphasis in Finance and Data Science, is set to graduate in the spring of 2025. Anoushka has found her Chapman University experience to be highly rewarding, cherishing the numerous opportunities that the university has provided for personal and academic growth. She has formed lasting connections with outstanding individuals and discovered a supportive environment that encourages both her academic and professional development.

Anoushka’s On-Campus Experience

Anoushka’s campus involvement primarily centers around her participation in the coed business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. “I have met so many amazing people who I know will be important to me for the rest of my life. They are individuals who work hard and are always there for me but also continuously push me to become a better person,” she says. Anoushka has also been entrusted with leadership responsibilities within the chapter, a responsibility she values. Additionally, she previously worked for the Office of Admission, an experience she greatly enjoyed as it allowed her to assist incoming students and introduce them to the wealth of opportunities offered by Chapman University.

Initially enrolled as a health sciences major, Anoushka made the decision to switch to the Argyros College due to her growing interest in the subject of business. To her pleasant surprise, she discovered the exceptional quality of the business school, characterized by a faculty with extensive industry experience and knowledge. The smaller size of Chapman University has facilitated her ability to establish meaningful relationships with her professors. Anoushka had the unique opportunity to conduct research with one of her professors, where she gained not only valuable research skills but also practical knowledge applicable to a professional setting.

Anoushka’s Professional Experience

In addition to her academic pursuits, Anoushka has held several positions, including serving as an Office Assistant at the Office of Admission and fulfilling roles as a research assistant and teacher assistant for a professor. She also gained professional experience as a research intern at a real estate consulting firm, an opportunity she found particularly exciting. Currently, Anoushka is working at Disney as a finance associate, essentially functioning as a financial analyst intern.

Anoushka believes that her time at the Argyros School has equipped her with essential skills, such as effective networking and maintaining professionalism. She has also benefited from the school’s comprehensive career program, which has provided numerous opportunities for career development.

Fond Memories & Future Pursuits

One of Anoushka’s fondest memories at Chapman University is her participation in the Walk Down Wall Street class in New York. “It was truly an amazing experience as I got to connect with an extensive network of Chapman Alumni who are working for top firms in the industry,” says Anoushka. “I learned so much about the industry and I made amazing friends in the class as well.”

Looking ahead, Anoushka’s long-term goals involve pursuing a career that integrates her finance and data science expertise. She thoroughly enjoys her internship at Disney and aspires to continue along a similar career trajectory. She is also considering the possibility of attending graduate school to earn a master’s degree in either data science or finance in the future.

Anoushka Sarma has a deep affection for Chapman University and holds her educational and overall experiences there in high regard. It is a place where she has found the opportunity to evolve and challenge herself, constantly striving for personal growth and improvement.


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