Colleen Navasartian is a student with a unique academic path. She is a junior with senior standing at Chapman University, who will be essentially completing her undergraduate and graduate degrees in a “3+1” style instead of the usual “4+1” program, formally known as the Integrated MBA program. Colleen is a dual major in B.S. Accounting and B.S. Business Administration with a Finance emphasis, graduating with her undergraduate degree in 2024. She’s also set to pursue a Master of Science in Accounting, with her graduation projected to be in May 2025.

Colleen’s journey at Chapman has been a memorable one. When asked about her experience, she fondly shared, “Chapman has been a great experience for me so far because of the memories I’ve made. I’ve made a lot of friends and have had a lot of great experiences in the classroom, on the court, and around campus.” Her academic journey at Chapman has been challenging, but she attests to the dedication of her professors who provide unwavering support both inside and outside the classroom.

Campus Involvement: A Leader and Athlete

Beyond her academic pursuits, Colleen is deeply involved on campus. She excels not only in her studies but also as an athlete and a leader. She’s a guard on the Women’s Basketball team, co-president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), co-president of the Accounting Society, and a dedicated member of the Armenian Student Association (ASA). These roles emphasize her leadership and organizational abilities, and how she seamlessly blends sports, academics, and community engagement.

Colleen did not initially think that she would be a collegiate athlete, however. She says “Although I do play for Coach Jue and the women’s basketball team, I had no intention of playing collegiate sports and chose Chapman solely based on my experience touring the campus and meeting a few individuals that either attended or work here. I fell in love with the campus and admired the Argyros School of Business and Economics for its class offerings and unique clubs/organizations within the school.”

Work Experience: Building a Strong Foundation

Colleen’s work experience speaks volumes about her dedication to personal and professional growth. She has engaged in independent tutoring for students from grades 5 to 12, illustrating her commitment to education and helping others. Her part-time position as a skills coach at Shoot 360 showcases her ability to balance work with her academic commitments. Looking ahead, Colleen is set to embark on an audit internship with CliftonLarsonAllen LLP (CLA) in the summer of 2024, diving headfirst into her desired future career path in the field of accounting.

In the long term, Colleen envisions a career as a financial analyst or aims to reach a partner level at an accounting firm. Her aspirations reflect her ambition and commitment to achieving professional success.

Skills Development

Colleen’s time at the Argyros School has allowed her to develop essential skills for her future career. Her improved communication skills, particularly in a post-COVID context, will be invaluable for her interactions with various firms in professional settings. Additionally, her experience with the Janes Financial Center and Bloomberg terminals has equipped her with financial expertise.

Favorite Chapman Memory

One of Colleen’s most cherished memories at Chapman involves her freshman year with the Women’s Basketball team. After winning a game at CalTech, her team celebrated by going to a restaurant with karaoke. Despite returning at 2 am, Colleen and a teammate managed to finish their homework and make it to their 8 am class – a true testament to her dedication to her sport, athletic community, and studies!

Colleen Navasartian is a remarkable and multi-talented individual. Her story is a testament to the possibilities one can achieve with dedication, passion, and a supportive university environment. With her blend of academic excellence, leadership, and community involvement, Colleen is undoubtedly a role model for her peers at Chapman University.


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