Christina Denlinger ’24

Christina Denlinger, a double major in Accounting and Business Administration with a focus on finance, is set to graduate in May 2024. Her journey at Chapman University has been both exhilarating and demanding, providing valuable insights into her personal and professional growth.

Christina’s Campus Involvement

Christina actively participates in the vibrant Chapman community, engaging in campus events and career fairs to foster connections. Her involvement extends to the Accounting Society, the Softball team, and serving as a Fitness Center Assistant. “My experience at Chapman has been exciting and challenging,” says Christina. “I have learned a great deal about myself, personally and professionally. I have enjoyed the connected community that Chapman fosters through attending campus events and career fairs.”

Choosing Chapman and the Argyros College was driven by the appeal of small class sizes and the opportunity to build meaningful connections with professors and peers. The college’s strong ties with employers and a growing network further influenced her decision.

Early-Career Experiences

Having completed an audit internship with Baker Tilly, Christina is set to return as a full-time audit associate post-graduation. This experience has honed her communication and networking skills, instilling a sense of professionalism.

Christina Denlinger ’24 during her internship at Baker Tilly.

“My favorite memory at Chapman so far was during the accounting meet the firms where I was able to represent Baker Tilly as an incoming audit associate,” she says. “The ability to return the assistance that I received in networking has been my favorite memory at Chapman.”  Reflecting on her growth, she appreciates the chance to reciprocate the networking support she received the previous year, making it a cherished memory during her time at Chapman.

Looking ahead, Christina’s long-term career goals involve obtaining her CPA license and working in the field. In pursuit of CPA eligibility, she explored diverse Chapman course offerings, including a unique opportunity to engage in elementary science experiments with Higher Ground’s youth. This experience allowed her to contribute to a neighboring community while earning academic credit, showcasing her commitment to both academic and community engagement.

We’re excited for all that Christina’s future will bring. We know it will be bright!


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