Name: Maya Harrell

Degree: B.S. Accounting and B.S. Business Administration (Marketing emphasis), Minor in Psychology

Position: Audit Associate

Company: KPMG

Meet Maya Harrell! Maya is a double major in Accounting and Business Administration (Marketing emphasis) and Psychology minor at Chapman University and will be graduating in the Spring of 2023. She is the President of the Sigma Phi chapter of Delta Sigma Pi for the Spring 2023 semester where her main responsibilities are to ensure chapter activities are running smoothly and to support every member of the executive team. Maya is also the main communicator between the Sigma Phi chapter, its directors, and the national fraternity.

After graduation, Maya will be working as an Audit Associate for KPMG in San Francisco and will be studying for the CPA exam as well.  The Argyros School is proud to spotlight Maya, her role with Delta Sigma Pi, and her future career in honor of Women’s History Month!

What made you want to pursue a leadership position in a historically male-dominated organization?

Although Delta Sigma Pi was historically a male-dominated organization, now there are so many women leaders in the organization that I feel inspired by. This led me to hold a leadership position every semester that I’ve been involved in the fraternity. I am a strong advocate for women in leadership, especially in the business world. I have gained many new experiences by holding these positions and working with women through this fraternity, and it is something I want to continue as I enter the workforce.

What skills have you learned/developed in this position? Any challenges?

This position has taught me how to be organized and prioritize tasks. The planning and organization of our events and operations are happening constantly, often at the same time. Since I oversee all chapter activities, it is crucial that I am staying up to date to ensure things are running smoothly. I also learned the importance of delegation. As a leader, it is necessary to have a team that you trust, which I am grateful to have.

A challenge I have faced is finding the balance between being a leader and a friend. I have been a member of Delta Sigma Pi for two years and have grown very close with my brothers. I have to navigate which situations can I act more as a friend or a president. Creating a healthy boundary can be difficult, but crucial to being a successful leader.

What is your favorite memory of being President of Delta Sigma Pi?

My favorite memory of being President is the connections and network I got to make. I had the opportunity to travel to President’s Academy in January 2023 where I met presidents from chapters all across the nation. It was amazing to talk to people taking on a similar position as me and learn from their experiences. I also attended a LEAD Provincial Conference in Washington, where I got to reconnect with some brothers I met in January, and meet even more brothers.

Are you involved in other clubs or organizations on campus?

I have an on-campus job as a Student Union Assistant for the Civic Engagement Team under the Student Engagement Department. I also attend the Asian Pacific Student Association (APSA) events!

What is one piece of advice you would give to your freshman self?

If I can give advice to my freshman self, I would say to not be afraid of change. I have grown a lot throughout my time at Chapman and am so grateful for everything that has helped me become the person I am now. The most interesting parts of life start where our comfort zones end, so I want to embrace new opportunities and continue to grow as a person.

Throughout my time at Chapman, I found my career goals, gained leadership experience, and made lifelong friendships; which have all helped me prepare for the real world.


Congratulations, Maya! We’re excited to see where your future takes you!