We see them on movies and television, but have you ever considered a career in the FBI?

Chapman’s Career Team was lucky enough to virtually sit down with Special Agent, Evette Rivera, to discuss some important insights and what you can do to prepare yourself for a future career with the FBI. Here are some important key takeaways we’d like to share with you from the August 4 virtual career workshop. Plus, you can watch the entire video event on-demand on Facebook.

There are two major opportunities that you can apply for now, The Collegiate Hiring Initiative and the Honors Internship Program.

The Collegiate Hiring Initiative recruits graduating seniors or individuals who have undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. degrees to begin their careers in a hands-on, supportive team environment. For the 2021 Collegiate Hiring Initiative, students must graduate by June 2021. For Veterans, eligibility is within six years of the program date (June 2015- June 2021)

The Honors Internship Program is a 10-week, paid internship for college undergraduate and graduate students. While exploring employees at our Washington, D.C.-area Headquarters, or in Field areas, this internship offers experiences students can’t find elsewhere. At the end of the internships, there have been internships post their academic calendar year. The application window begins in July 2020.

When applying, use these suggestions to complete the application.

1) Think about every aspect of your life:

personal, academic, and professional when writing your resume. All the skill sets that you’ve developed during all of those experiences.

2) Look at the core competencies for the FBI:

Leadership, Initiative, Accountability, Problem Solving & Judgement, Flexibility, Eager to Learn

3) Think about how you can reflect and articulate these competencies in your application and through your telephonic interview. Set up telephonic mock interviews and relay the posting information to your Career Center and ask for support!

After the discussion, the students were allowed to participate in a Q&A session. Here we were able to take a deeper dive into the application process.

When applying for the Collegiate Hiring Initiative, should I provide a letter of recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is not required and also not as essential as a cover letter, but it does not hurt to include one in your application. It could be a way to allow the Human Resources team to learn more about you.

Can you explain more about the Background Check Process?

A background check is required for all applicants. There are 3 steps to the background check:

  • Financial Suitability: This means they want to know if someone is living above their means, chosen not to file local state/federal taxes, defaulted on student loans, or has been mandated to pay child support and did not.
  • Criminal History: Having a felony or a misdemeanor regarding domestic violence or any other serious offense will automatically disqualify your application.
  • Drug and Alcohol Test: Must be free of the use of Marijuana for 3 full years, this also includes CBD.  During the last 10 years, applicants must be able to state that they have not used any drugs, including steroids without a prescription in order that be considered.

When does the application for the Collegiate Hiring Initiative open and how long does the process take?

The opening for the CHI application has not been given a specific date, but it should open sometime during Fall 2020. The hiring process typically takes one full year to complete.

For either program, are full-time students accommodated by being assigned a location that is close to their school?

Yes, students will be assigned a location that is close and convenient to their school for the duration of the academic year.

For Veterans, is there a better chance for them to be hired if they applied to the CHI program or through the Veterans Preference Program?

If you are a Veteran, you can apply to the CHI program even 6 years after graduating college. You will indicate your Veteran’s Preference when you apply and will be given certain Veteran questions throughout your application.

If you missed this informative virtual career workshop, no worries! Make sure to tune into our Facebook Watch to see the entire video and learn more about the FBI hiring process!

Editors Note: The FBI Virtual Info Session premiered live on Zoom on August 4th, 2020. A special thank you to Special Agent Evette Rivera for her valuable insights and time.