Career Advisor for the College of Performing Arts, Emma Trammell, is joined by Corene Tague, a Therapist at the Student Psychological Counseling Services to talk about the need to prioritize self-care, and helpful resources, recent changes in and impacts on the arts industry, and how to position yourself for success as an artist today.

Read Emma’s recap Career Resiliency in the Performing Arts:
How to take care of your mental health during challenging times

‘Take Charge of You’ Tips:

  1. Manage your time and responsibilities
  2. Build a strong support system
  3. Practice good self-care
  4. Set healthy, realistic, and attainable goals
  5. Visit Student Psychological Counseling Services (SPCS)
  6. Visit Francis Smith Center @ Chapman (alumni)

Watch the event recording here on-demand.

Watch the event recording on-demand