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If you’re here, you may have heard the phrase “peer advisor” but never really know what it actually means, and if this is your first time hearing it, you may be curious to see what resources are available for you to take advantage of. Well, here is the long-awaited answer to a question you never asked but maybe should have!

Who are Peer Career Advisors?

There are various types of peer advisors (we know, it can be really confusing), but Peer Career Advisors are specifically trained to help students learn and develop professionally. Each peer advisor goes through an extensive 2-month training process to ensure we’re equipped with the knowledge we need to help YOU. We are student staff who: 

Fast Fact! Peer career advisors have been trained to assist with a variety of areas in the career planning process. We’re here to help you get oriented to all the services the Career team has to offer!

  • Meet with undergraduate students one-on-one for resume and cover letter assistance
  • Research and develop career resources for students
  • Give resume, cover letter, interviewing, and LinkedIn presentations
  • Write blogs to advise students on career tips and resources
  • and more!

Most importantly, we are students just like you! We know what you are going through – all the fears and concerns about the right steps to take and the motivation that pushes you forward – because we are/have been in similar shoes. You can trust us to let you know if all this information and advice people throw at you is applicable!

What is the Difference Between Career Educators and Career Advisors?

Fast Fact! Career Educators and Career Advisors work closely together to provide personalized, world-class, holistic career support to Chapman students (undergraduate and graduate) and all Chapman Alumni. 

Career Educators help undergraduates, graduates, and alumni with career exploration, career planning, resume and cover letter review, strategies, professional media portfolios, graduate school exploration, interview preparation, and so much more! They are permanent, full-time staff members dedicated to helping current students and alumni find resources to help guide them on their desired career path! In addition to one-on-one appointments, they also create presentations on various career topics to groups, provide education materials listed on our resources page, and train and support Career Advisors and Peer Career Advisors. They work with the rest of the Office of Career and Professional Development staff to review feedback to improve the services they offer.

Career Advisors are school-specific, full-time staff members that collaborate with industry professionals and employers to provide current students and alumni up-to-date career industry standards and advice. They also take one-on-one appointments to help individuals meet their career goals, covering similar topics by Career Educators, just more specific to the school and industries of their focus. They plan events and develop programs like round tables, mixers, panels, presentations, and more to provide the best opportunities available. 

Our Message to You

As Peer Career Advisors, we are truly passionate about helping our peers develop and grow into their best professional selves! We want to help connect you with resources that will allow you to meet your goals, so we invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn (link below)  and make an appointment on Handshake with us!

P.S. The Peer Career Advisor role – who we are and what we do – is always changing and growing because our job is actually defined by what students need! Use your voice by giving feedback, answering surveys, asking questions, engaging on social media, providing recommendations, etc. Help us help you! We look forward to connecting with you!

Who We Are

Ivy Magruder ’22

Hi! I am a First-Generation, second-year Business Administration student with a minor in Psychology, graduating early! I have been helping my peers with their resumes and cover letters since high school, and I love that I get to do this in college too!

I have experience building strong and effective resumes without “professional” job experience that many don’t think about having on their resume. I also have experience applying to big entertainment companies, networking via LinkedIn, and working with smaller companies. 

I believe that hard work and persistence can get you anywhere you want to be, and I would love to help you get there. My Spring 2021 availability for appointments is below:

Tuesday: 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Thursday: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Friday: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

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Connect with Ivy on LinkedIn

Kelly Ma ’21

Hey there, I’m Kelly, a third-year Business Administration Management Major with a minor in Leadership Studies. Besides working for the Office of Career and Professional Development, I am in Delta Sigma Pi (the professional business fraternity) and an Orientation Leader. I am also a first-generation and commuter student who has found a passion for helping students develop professionally and personally! 

Working with the Office of Career and Professional Development for the past few years has given me insight into common recruiting practices, great resources, and opportunities available to students. I really enjoy sharing this information with my peers, like you, and would love to teach you tips, tricks and share stories on how to use and implement your values and strengths to accomplish your professional goals! 

I firmly believe that there is always room for growth, so I invite you to make an appointment with me. I would love to learn more about your passions and goals! My Spring 2021 availability for appointments is below:

Thursday: 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Friday: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. 

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Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn!